Posted by Seabrook Stingrays on Jun 02 2023 at 09:46AM PDT

Howdy Stingrays!

This Saturday we are attending our first swim meet of the 2023 summer season in Deer Park, and we know everyone is very excited! Please read this email carefully and entirely as it has important information about the meet this weekend along with volunteer assignments for parents!

Deer Park High School South Campus Natatorium
710 San Augustine Ave
Deer Park, TX 77536

TIMELINE: Saturday, June 3

  • 6:45 am: Arrive to the pool for swimmer check-in with coaches and parent volunteer check-in
  • 7:20 – 7:40 am: Visiting team warm-ups
  • 7:40 am: Timers meeting (timers for both shifts & head timer must be present) by the blocks / Officials meeting in the coach’s office
  • 7:45 am: Swimmers for events 1-8 to the ready area
  • 8:00 am: Meet start


  1. Parking is by the tennis courts and by the softball stadium. No parking behind the pool. Cars will be towed. This is a mandatory requirement by the school district.
  2. The set-up is in the hallway-mall area indoors. The visiting team set up is past the natatorium doors. Please look for other Stingray families. You will enter the building via the doors by the tennis court and head down the hallway, you’ll see everyone set up.
  3. Spectators will be allowed in the stands to view races and there is no setup allowed in the spectator area of the pool for parents.
  4. Absolutely no food or drinks will be allowed in the ready/start area and deck.
  5. Only Coaches, Officials, scoring volunteers and team reps will be allowed in the Clerk area
  6. Breakfast, snacks and lunch will be available at the concession stand


  • Volunteer Check-In: Campos
  • Clerk of Course: Barcelo / Sigsbey
  • Officials: Gray / Foote / Miller
  • Scorer: Balderas
  • Runner: Minder
  • Ready Area: Bell / Eberhart
  • Timers: Erwin (Head Timer) / Sullivan / Coggins / Williams / Pinkerton / Martin / Saba / Bernard / McGee
  • Alternates / Floaters: Terrell / Mazon / Fanning / Starke / Jimenez / Adobo
  • Team Rep: Porter

SHIFT 2 (EVENTS 41-80)

  • Volunteer Check-In: Higgins
  • Clerk of Course: Barcelo / Sigsbey
  • Officials: Erwin / Griffin
  • Scorer: Loranc
  • Runner: Bernatovich
  • Ready Area: Ponder / Martinez
  • Timers: Erwin (Head Timer) / Aldape / Brown / Riley / Warwick / Thomas / Kitchen / Lehman / Harns
  • Alternates / Floaters: Mitchell / Richardson / Boatwright / Viel / Nicoletta / Burgos
  • Team Rep: Porter

The host will not issue a heat sheet until Saturday. Once available you can help your young swimmer by writing their events, heats, and lanes on their arms with a sharpie. You will get this info when you check in on Saturday morning. PLEASE BE ON TIME!

Please make sure your swimmers bring plenty of water and electrolyte drinks to keep them hydrated during the meet. Healthy snacks are very important so swimmers can refuel between their races. Bring extra goggles, swim caps and swimsuits in case of any equipment malfunction.

Everyone should wear their Seabrook Stingrays swimsuits and caps during WARM UP and their RACES if you have them.

Swimmers need to report to the coaches before they swim each race. They need to provide the coaches with their heat and lane assignments and get advice for their race. Swimmers also need to report back to coaches immediately after their race to get feedback.

Please wear your Seabrook Stingrays team shirts so that you can recognize each other and of course, to show your STINGRAYS TEAM SPIRIT!



CONCESSION DONATIONS! We need donations for our concessions during our home meet on June 10. Be on the lookout for an email this weekend with assignments on what to bring!

COACHES NOTEBOOK. There is a green coach’s notebook at practice every day. Parents and swimmers are welcome to fill it in if you have questions, comments, or concerns for the coaches to address.

STINGRAYS SWAG STORE IS HERE! We now have our Stingrays Swag store available to purchase additional Stingray items at practice such as Hats, Shirts, Swim Caps, Yard Signs and more! You can pay via cash, check, or cash-app.

PHILLTHE BIN CLOTHING DRIVE! Dates: Friday, May 26 – Friday, June 23. Items should be clean and placed in plastic bags- we accept gently used Women’s, Children’s, Baby’s, and Men’s clothing. Accessories: Purses, Backpacks, Handbags, Clutches, Tote Bags, Shoulder Bags, Laptop bags, Hats, Gloves, Ties, Scarves, Belts, and Wallets.